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XPERIENCE X - Fishing for groups and teams

Xperience X is the ultimate angling experience for businesses up to groups of 12 people. You can think of an organized activity for your management team, an exciting outdoor activity for your business relations or a staff outing.

The world is rapidly becoming aware of the consequences of absenteeism from working while sitting in front of a screen and the stress caused by the 24/7 signals from our smartphone. Gyms and providers of vitality programs are growing rapidly, and with good reason. Xperience X connects seamlessly with the revolution of vitality for business professionals. We get the seasoned business professional out of his office and from behind his laptop. 


That takes some getting used to! At the crack of dawn on the water instead of listening to news radio from a preheated car seat. There is no such thing as bad clothing. Everyone is an outdoors person. UFX will bring the business professional face to face with the predators of our underwater world for the first time in his (or her) life. The sunrise, the awakening nature, active relaxation, mindfulness! But also, team building mixed with a competitive element. Because we divide a group of professionals over the UFX guides / boats they enter a real predatory fishing competition with each other.

Experience X is, in addition to a great business trip, an ultimate part of a vitality program for groups up to 15 people.
We also offer an all inclusive package; a fully catered day or a morning fishing with UFX guide (predatory fishing competition), including meeting room and food and drinks. This way you can start with your management team and a clear head on the strategy for the coming period. Ultimate combination!


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