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Thom Prüst - UFX Fishing Guide on Hollands Diep & Biesbosch National Park

Being a passionate angler and fishing guide, Thom is a real specialist of the Dutch river delta, one of the best fishing grounds in the world. Here, in these waters with it's mind blowing fishes,  anglers from all over the world are guided by Thom on a daily basis. Every day is a new opportunity for his guests to fish in this angler's paradise and to have a real chance of catching the fish of a lifetime.

When he's not guiding, Thom spends his day off on the water with his fishing mates. Always on the lookout for new spots, new techniques and big fish, trying to fullfill his ultimate angler's dream, catching a meter+ zander on his specialism: jigging with light tackle.



Dutch, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish.



Crestliner 1600 Vision Tiller, 60 HP Yamaha, Raymarine Axiom 9 RV with Navionics Autochart Live watercharts, Garmin LiveScope GLS 10 and Pantoptix LVS34, Panoptix PS30 down transducer and GT56 transducer with GPSMAP 8412XSV, GPSMAP 8410XSV and GPSMAP 922, Minn Kota Terrova 80 Lbs front troller.

Fishing Equipment

St. Croix (ranging from Mojo Bass to Legend Xtreme) and Savage Gear Rods, Shimano and Savage Gear reels, Savage Gear, Spro and Lunker City lures as well as other high-end tackle and gear.


1972: Birth of a passionate angler (can't remember much of it though).

1977: Start of my fishing career.

1981: Four years of self-education finally pays off, my first fish!

1982 - 2001: Decades of fishing.

2002: Start specializing in lure fishing.

2017: Start professional guiding for predatory fish.

2018: Participant Predator Tour .

2019: Participant Predator Tour & Lure Masters.

2020: Participant Alternative Predator Tour (ranked 4th). Co-founded UFX.

2021: Start as UFX Fishing Guide.

2022: UFX Fishing Guide

2023: UFX Fishing Guide

2024: UFX Fishing Guide.


Goran Krnjic - UFX Fishing Guide for Pelagic Fishing on Volkerak/ Hollands Diep & Haringvliet

Goran is the specialist within UFX in the field of pelagic fishing. It's no surprise that his nickname is Mr Pelagic Fantastic. He likes to take you on a hunt for the biggest zander, pike and… giant catfish. This fishery is all about knowledge of the water, fish and equipment. His fishing boat, Yamaha outboard, Garmin Livescope and PS30 together form a well-oiled machine with which he puts you on top of the fish. From that moment on, it's up to you to tempt your dream fish into a bite!



Dutch, Serbian, Croatian.



Siegersma 5000T Tiller, 60 HP Yamaha, Garmin GPSMAP 102sv with two screens, Garmin GPSMAP 92sv with one screen, Garmin Livescope GLS10 transducer, Garmin PANOPTIX LVS34 transducer, Garmin Panoptix PS30 transducer, Garmin GT52 & GT56 transducer, Minn Kota Powerdrive 55lbs front troller.


Fishing equipment

Rods: Savage Gear, Westin, Sportex and HTO. Reels: Shimano, Daiwa and Abu Garcia. Lures: Fox, Westin, Savage Gear, NEMO and Megabass.


1982: Born in (then) Yugoslavia (Serbia). The fishing rod was my favorite toy from the age of 6, at the age of 9 I caught my first zander and a year later my first catfish of my life. That fish was already heavier than me back then.
1995: In this year I came to the Netherlands and here I immediately picked up fishing again.
2006: This was the year I got my first bellyboat, and a whole new world opened up for me.
2011: The year I fished my first, and certainly not last, international bellyboat competition.
2015: Dutch Champion bellyboat fishing. After this I switched to 'real' boats.
2020: Start as a fishing guide. After many years of experience and success, I wanted to share this knowledge and experience with others. Since then I have specialized further in the 'pelagic game'.
2020: participation in NKS and Predator Tour.
2021: participation in NKS and Predator Tour.
2022: participation in NKS and Predatortour resulting in 15th place on Predatortour (150 participating boats).

2022: Start as UFX Fishing Guide.

2023: UFX Fishing Guide.

2024: UFX Fishing Guide.


Juul Steyn - UFX Fishing Guide in Amsterdam, Gooimeer & Markermeer

Sharing the passion for angling, that is the life goal of this enthusiastic Amsterdam fishing guide. As a 6 year old he got his first rod, as a teenager he competed in the World Championships Coarse Fishing and ever since his early twenties he has been working professionally in sport fishing.


From the late ‘90’s onward Juul worked as an editor and chief editor at the two leading Dutch angling magazines. In 2010 he started his own business and became a certified fishing guide in Amsterdam. In 2020 Juul published his first book, called ‘Denken als een vis’, in English ‘To think like a fish’. And that is exactly what he does: make you catch more and bigger fish by teaching you to think like a fish.


The reason that he moved to Amsterdam back in 2007 is the superb stocks of predator fish both in the inner city and the waters surrounding it. Juul lives on a houseboat with his fishing boat docked alongside. It’s safe to say that he’s got fishing on his mind 24/7.



Dutch, German, French, English.



Siegersma Cast King 5.10 Console, 70 HP Yamaha, 1x Garmin Echomap UHD,  2x Garmin Echomap Ultra 122SV, with Livescope LVS34 and GT56 Transducer, Minn Kota 80 lb Ulterra.

Fishing equipment

St. Croix rods. Spinning: various Legend Elite en Legend Tournament. Baitcasting: Legend Elite, Legend Tournament Muskie and Premier rods. All rods are equipped with high-end Shimano reels: Vanford, Tranx and Ultegra. For Pelagic Fishing we use a Hearty Rise Valley Hunter Heavy Pelagic. 



1977: Born along the banks of the river Meuse.

1983: Caught his first fish (with a carrot, he will tell you the story on board).

1994: Became 11th at the World Championships Coarse Fishing in Turin, Italy.

1998: First professional job in fishing: editor at sport fishing magazine Beet.

2006: Chief editor sport fishing magazine Hét Visblad.

2010: Starts his own guiding business in Amsterdam. 

2020: Publish his first book: 'Denken als een vis'. (Men's book of the year’ according to national newspaper NRC. Sold out in 2 months, third edition published within 6 months).

2021: Start as UFX Fishing Guide.

2022: UFX Fishing Guide.

2023: UFX Fishing Guide.

2024: UFX Fishing Guide.

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