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Frequently asked questions


About us

UFX is a collective of professional fishing guides in The Netherlands, offering the Ultimate Fishing Xperience. We do this by sharing our knowledge, providing top of the line fishing gear and offering great service and hospitality. We have only one goal: making you fish like a pro. Below you find the answers to some of the questions you may have. If you have any other questions, just drop us an email at

What can I expect?

Expect the best. When it comes to knowledge of the waters we fish. When it comes to boats and fishing gear we use. When it comes to service and hospitality we provide. Expect fishing in the Netherlands at its best.

Our guides, all born and bred anglers, are professionals with comfortable and safe fishing boats that are designed for the waters they fish. These boats are equipped with the latest technology, including Garmin Livescope fish finders. Our guides also carry a wide range of tackle including (but not limited to): high-end rods and reels, tackle boxes filled with hundreds of hard and soft baits, and extra clothing in case of inclement weather. For your safety, each boat is equipped with life vests, a fire distinguisher, and a first aid kit. We are proud to say that all boats are powered by powerful, low emission Yamaha four-stroke engines.

Is any fishing experience required?

No. Although our guiding service is used by some of the best anglers in the world, no previous experience is required to fish with us. We will show you the ropes!

Do I need to bring any gear?

No. We offer everything that might be needed during your fishing trip. If you prefer to fish with your favorite rods, we do encourage you to bring them along, but it isn't necessary. We believe that it simply isn't possible to offer the ultimate fishing experience without being outfitted with state of the art fishing gear. Therefore we constantly search for and invest in new equipment. This way we assure you to have the most comfortable and exciting fishing experience.

What should I bring with me?

A packed lunch and something to drink and clothing that matches the weather!

That means in winter: lots of layers to keep yourself warm. And in the summer, short sleeves and shorts seem nice, but keep in mind that we have no shade in the boat, which means you burn very quickly. If there is also a breeze on the water, you don't even feel that you are burned; at least, you can feel it, but only when it is too late. We therefore always recommend long pants, long sleeves, a cap and lots of sunscreen!

And last but not least: for every season, a rain suit that you can put on over your clothes, even when no rain is predicted. Why will you ask? In the areas where we fish it can often be windy and when the wind is a bit obliquely on the boat you can really get soaked with the spray (water that hits the boat while driving). Bringing a rainsuit is therefore ALWAYS recommended.

How much does it cost?

Check out our prices here. Booking a fishing day with UFX includes the use of all materials aboard. If you don't have a fishing license (VISpas in Dutch), we can arrange this for you too (5 – 15 euro/day, depending on where we fish).

What fish species can I target?

The 'grand slam' of predatory fish in The Netherlands is crystal clear: pike, zander, and perch. These three predators can be caught in good numbers and respectable sizes in all the waters that we fish.

Northern pike is without a doubt the leader of the pack. With over 500 teeth and a length that exceeds a meter easily, it's a magnificent beast. Zander is, on average, slightly smaller, but no less challenging to catch. Its unpredictable behavior, impressive fangs, and aggressive attacks make the 'Dutch walleye' a fish that truly appeals to the imagination. Perch is possibly the most picturesque fish around. Her vertical stripes, red fins, and impressive Mohawk make her an absolute beauty, and a pleasure to catch.

Besides the usual suspects, there are two other species that we can target if the time is right: asp and Wels catfish. The asp is a toothless but super-fast predator, with a punch that will knock you of your feet. And the catfish, well, that's nothing less than a monster. No oil painting, that's for sure, but her sheer size (fish over 2 meters are caught frequently) and brutal force make up for her looks. 

Can I take a fish home for dinner?

No, sorry for that. To preserve the healthy fishing stocks of The Netherlands, we are strictly 'Catch and Release'. So, if you want to eat fish for diner, we kindly suggest visiting one of the great fish shops nearby. Of course, we take a great photo of your catch so you have a wonderful everlasting memory of your fishing adventure in The Netherlands!

What makes UFX so unique?

Our strength lies in collaboration. We exchange our knowledge and experience with each other to stay on top of our game. This way we are sure to master all the required fishing techniques and have the latest insights. And more importantly: we love to share this knowledge with you.

All our guides have earned our stripes by participating in international fishing competitions, by writing for various sport fishing magazines, and of course by guiding guests from all over the world for many years. What we all have in common is that we truly love our job as a fishing guide. Life may be like a game, but fishing is serious.

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