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Catch the biggest pike of the water


Pike fishing at the Veluwerandmeren

Chrystal clear waters, lush vegetation that acts as a hideaway for big pike and extremely active fishing; that is what our Xtreme Pike Fishing arrangement is in a nutshell.


Casting big rubber all day long from a drifting boat, bleeding knuckles, and horrific takes of big pike right in front of your feet: It makes this experience unforgettable, but not for the faint-hearted!


For this Xperience, we focus totally on catching the biggest pike of the water. No finesse fishing, but casting your arms off with heavy softbaits and jerkbaits on heavy baitcasters. All day long. A great, and maybe even more intense alternative for the gym!


Your UFX-Guide knows every corner of the waters we fish, and puts you right on top of the big mama’s. Then it’s up to you to fool these behemoths with the best lures money can buy. We’ll take care of that, and of the rest.


The location for this special arrangement is the famous water system we call Veluwerandmeren in the middle of the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam (Gooimeer and Veluwemeer). This is the perfect spot for the pike of a lifetime!


Don’t miss out on the most intense fishing day you will ever experience!


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