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Unique fishing water and important nursery ground


Predator Fishing Valhalla Markermeer

The Markermeer and IJsselmeer together form the largest fishing water in the Netherlands. And here you find the largest European perch, zander (pike-perch) and Northern pike. Above the waterline you see an almost endless water surface, but below you find a very varied landscape with fantastic fish stocks. Thanks to this wide variety of spots and fish species, you can use almost any technique. We are happy to provide you with the ultimate sport fishing experience!


Unique fishing water and important breeding ground

The Markermeer is connected to the Amsterdam IJ in the west, with the Gooimeer on the east side and the IJsselmeer on the north side. The angling pressure on the Markermeer (and the IJsselmeer) is much lower than on the adjacent waters. This is because you must have a special boating license that most anglers do not have. And that is not surprising, given the enormous size of the Markermeer and IJsselmeer, and the busy shipping traffic on these waterways. That said, fortunately the best fishing spots are not in the heavily trafficked areas, so you won't notice much of this while fishing. With its gigantic stretches of shallow water, the Markermeer is a very important nursery for perch, zander and pike. It is therefore safe to say that you will be fishing a unique fishing water: a real Valhalla for the demanding predator angler.


Perch fishing on the Markermeer

The IJsselmeer and Markermeer are traditionally known for their excellent stocks of perch. Thanks to the increasingly clear water, the conditions for the perch - just like the pike, a real sight hunter - are only improving.


Casting hard and soft baits is an excellent way to quickly fish larger areas of water. But finesse techniques such as the Carolina rig and Ned rig provide good results as well when it comes to perch. Our fishing guide Juul Steyn is also crazy about the so-called 'soft vib lure': a relatively unknown bait with a soft body and hard core. This allows you to fish the bottom as well as higher water layers. He'd love to teach you more about it! And of course we are also open to your personal wishes and preferences. Share this with your fishing guide in advance, and we will ensure that you enjoy a perfectly tailored fishing day. No matter how you fish, you always have a chance of catching a perch over 3, 4 and even 5 lb. In short: the perfect water to improve your personal record for perch.


Materials used for perch fishing on the Markermeer: St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass and Walleye rods with Shimano Vanford spinning reels. Baits: Spro (Insta Tube, Insta Craw, Carbon Blade TG, Aruku, Iris Twitchy, ASP spinners, RK Crawler etc), Megabass (Vision Oneten, Nanahan etc).


Zander on the Markermeer

The zander is the absolute ruler of the deeper parts of the Markermeer. Not only in terms of numbers, but certainly also because of the large size that this predatory fish reaches here. From the deep, zander like to move to the embankments to hunt for roach, young bream and smelt. Your fishing guide will track these predators with his Garmin LiveScope, position his boat, and tell you exactly where to cast. The bite that will hopefully follow shortly afterwards is, according to many predatory fishermen, the absolute pinnacle. Hard to disagree with that.


Materials used for zander fishing on the Markermeer: St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass and Walleye rods with Shimano Vanford spinning reels. Lures: Spro (Instashad, Instaworm, Ripple Profighter Shad etc), Megabass (Vision Oneten, Nanahan etc) and many more.


Pike on the Markermeer

Just like the Gooimeer, the Markermeer has an exceptionally good pike population. And that is not surprising when you look at the circumstances: an endless amount of prey fish, healthy and clear water, plenty of spawning areas and extensive weed beds that the pike gratefully use during hunting. Even when it comes to pike fishing, you can choose from numerous techniques. Casting softbaits, jerkbaits and crankbaits is challenging and often very effective. In addition to these classic baits, your fishing guide also has typical 'high end' baits such as the Miuras Mouse on board to outsmart even the most cunning Northern pike. In addition to casting all kinds of lures, trolling is also a very effective way to target the largest pike. For this we mainly use large inline baits and other XXL soft baits. The Garmin setup including LiveScope plays a very important role in all these techniques.


Materials used for pike fishing on the Markermeer: St. Croix Avid Inshore spinning rods with Shimano TwinPower spinning reels, St. Croix Legend Tournament Muskie and Pike baitcaster rods with Shimano Tranx and Shimano Curado baitcaster reels. Lures: Spro (The Boss, Shocktail etc), Savage Gear (Inline series, Cannibal Shad etc), Westin (Shadteez, Bullteez etc), and lots of other stuff, including the Miuras Mouse and the Revolution Tackle Dag Shad and Channa Tail from Charlie's Fishing.

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