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UFX Masterclass Zander Fishing

Are you also watching YouTube videos of others fishing for zander from the shore on major rivers? Of course, those brief moments when they actually catch something are highlighted. "That doesn't seem too difficult," you think, and you head to the riverbanks with optimism. However, after losing half your tackle box in the water, you begin to wonder: Am I doing something wrong, or is there simply no zander here?

Usually, it's the former. If you've tried various spots along the riverbanks, there's likely zander somewhere, but using the wrong rod paired with fishing 'too light' or 'too heavy' makes catching a zander more reliant on luck than skill. Without a clear understanding of where your shad is positioned in the water, catching fish becomes a genuine challenge.

Especially for those keen on mastering the art of zander fishing, UFX offers a comprehensive masterclass for those passionate about mastering the art of zander fishing, led by one of our two expert guides, each in their own fishing grounds: Juul in Amsterdam and Thom on the Hollands Diep and adjacent rivers. They bring their extensive expertise to ensure a valuable learning experience, teaching you the best techniques for understanding the position of your shad in the water and enhancing your skills in various fishing conditions.. You'll learn the best techniques to feel or observe where your shad is positioned in the water, eliminating the sense of merely stirring the water with your rod. During the class, you'll use different rods in areas with significant currents, reverse streams, different depths and, if you're fortunate, practice quickly setting the hook during a vigorous zander attack.


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