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The official 'Zander Capital' of the world


Amsterdam is often referred to as ‘Zander Capital of the World’, as well as ‘Zanderdam’ due to the amazing stocks of zander. Rightly so. But there is more, much more. Both the historical inner city and the surrounding waters are home to a healthy and challenging stock of predatory fish. As the water is getting cleaner, pike and perch flourish as never before. Also, if you're lucky enough, asp and flounder (and even an occasional catfish) can be caught.


Fishing in Amsterdam

The sky is the limit when it comes to the question of where and how you want to fish. One of the most amazing things to do is fishing the waters of the famous canal belt: a UNESCO world heritage. You will be surprised by the size of the zander, perch, and pike that rule the canals and the Amstel River. The special thing about the inner city of our capital is that you can fish here even with the windiest conditions because the buildings offer great protection.


At the back of Central Station lays the IJ-river. This is a large, deep, and mystic body of water with one of the best zander stocks in the world. The many differences in depth make the IJ a very versatile water that offers great angling all year round. Our fishing guides know this water like no-one else. Therefore you are sure not to waste any time searching, and start fishing on the best spots right away.


When it comes to Northern pike, Amsterdam may be the best-kept secret in The Netherlands. Both on the IJ-river and connected water bodies are home to a healthy stock of pike, often over a meter in length. And we know where to find these leviathans.


The North Sea Channel, 25 km long and superb for zander fishing, runs from the IJ-river to the sea lock of IJmuiden. West of the IJ many other interesting water bodies wait to be fished by avid anglers like yourself.


Most zander are between 45 and 65 cm, but specimens over 70 and even 80 cm are caught quite frequently. A typical perch measures anything from 25 to 40 cm and catching a Perchzilla of 50 cm+ is always possible. Pike are less abundant than perch and zander of course, but their size makes up for that. On average Amsterdam pike measures around 70 cm, and it's striking how many do grow over a meter. Every year pike over 120 cm are caught here.


All the waters in and around Amsterdam are connected and hold an impressive number of fish that can be targeted all year round. We know where to go and how to fish at any given moment, ensuring the best fishing experience possible.

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