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  • Thom Prüst

Big surprise for Winner Yamaha Pro Fishing Cup

Win the best predatory fishing competition and then be surprised out of nowhere with an all-inclusive fishing holiday to Spain. It happened to UFX-guide Goran and his son Dani after winning the Yamaha Pro Fishing Cup 2023. After a blood-curdling final, they suddenly caught catfish, with which they took the gold. What they didn't know was that they would be pampered by Yamaha in the town of Javae on the Mediterranean Sea. Roofmeisters Sjoerd Beljaars and Bo Staartjes were present and ran the video camera. Was there fishing? Yes, initially on bonitos, an extremely strong species of tuna. Then we suddenly saw signals of so-called dentex bass that can grow a lot bigger. Will we be able to put it in front of the lens?


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