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The rivers of the Netherlands

Home of the most powerful predatory fish


In the East and South of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium border, you will find a network of rivers, each with its own character. However, there is one thing that all these border rivers have in common: they are home to the most powerful freshwater predators. River fish owe their strength to the (fast) flowing water they swim against day in and day out. Of course, you will find typical river fish like zander and asp. But also, pike, perch, and catfish are permanent and abundant residents here. And our UFX-fishing guides know where to find them.

Fishing the river Waal

And now the biggest and baddest river of all: The Waal. Everything about this river is supersized, not to say intimidating. The gigantic water discharge is beyond imagination. But be assured that our fishing guides know to find 'the sweet spots'. The areas between the groynes, for example, are fantastic to fish comfortably. Also, the current seam downstream of each groyne is a hotspot that produces lots of fish. This is where large zander hunt for baitfish on the bottom. Asp hunt on the surface and all other predators can be expected anywhere. Just like the Rhine and IJssel, this river is fed by both rain and meltwater.