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Welcome to the jungle - where the monsters rule

In the South-West of the Netherlands lays one of the most interesting fishing destinations you can think of: the Dutch Delta and National park Biesbosch. This is where the rivers Maas and Waal confluent on their way to the North Sea, creating a superb fishing destination. These tidal waters are ruled by predatory fish that feast on large shoals of baitfish. Pike, zander, and perch are the main target species. But also asp and catfish can be caught here.


Fishing in the Biesbosch and on Hollands Diep

The Biesbosch is a National Park with beavers, highland cattle, and an immense array of water birds that thrive in this dynamic and brackish ecosystem. You will be fishing in an amazing water jungle, created by the elements. Seeing the countless river inlets, islands, peninsula's, lakes and creeks is an experience in itself. The shallows form a nursery for all kinds of fish, attracting the predators that feed on the young. And on their parents…


The Biesbosch is surrounded by great fishing grounds. South lays the Amer, basically the extension of the river Maas, with countless superb fishing spots. Our guides also love to fish on the Nieuwe Merwede, which is the extension of the river Waal, North of the National Park. West of the Biesbosch you enter the Hollands Diep: a truly intimidating body of water. The Hollands Diep is, even more than the waters mentioned above, famous for large predatory fish: pike, zander, perch, asp, and wells catfish.


‘Overwhelming’ is probably the right word to describe this fishing destination. It's easy to get lost, let alone knowing where and how to fish if you're not familiar with this area. Luckily, our fishing guides know how the fish migrate and what baits they are responding to at any given moment.