• Thom Prüst

UFX catch update

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Jan, Mark and Jos fished for pike and the first two came up with a good double hookup!

Jeroen and Melle caught zander and one magnificent pike that was living between those zander.

Ron and his son Luuk wanted to do pike-trolling and they got what they asked for......

Drew and Thijs started fishing for zander and then received bonuses, catching asp and pike.

Andy and Gabor caught nice perches, zander and pike.

Staf and Erik had a tough morning, but first Staf found some zander and after that the pike went loose.

The zander let Sebastian and Patrick down..... Luckily there were plenty of perches and pikes to make up for that.

Simon did a grandslam in Amsterdam, here's 2/3 of the grandslam.

Mark and Gerry came back for a second try and this time the predators were at the appointment.

Thimo and Thomas did a three day trip at Hollands Diep, resulting in lots of predators.

Christoph caught his PB pike in Amsterdam and lots of well sized zander.