• Johan Struwe

The summer is magic!

Summer zander from the weeds

As we come to the end of the closed season in the Netherlands, we're looking forward to an amazing summer of hardcore predator fishing!

After the involuntary two-month break, we as UFX-Guides can't wait to hit the waters again with our guests, because all parameters given predict an unforgettable season coming up!

Although literally all our season openings have been more than memorable in the past, the coming one seems to be like a perfect storm of unusual circumstances that will add up to an even better opener than we have ever experienced!

Why are we so confident about that?

Winter in May

Sun, BBQ and fun-boating with friends and family are normally the activities that our guides are planning in the closed season when there is no fishing allowed, but this year is another story!

A northern stream of wind that has been present for weeks brought us the coldest spring ever measured in history, resulting in a winter that still didn't end in May! Outside temperatures are struggling to reach double digits, and so does the water temperature. Depending on the location in the Netherlands, these are still just between 10-12 degrees Celsius. Extremely cold for this time of the year.

We will see a lot of those again this season!

No jungle this time

Due to these extreme temperatures, the weeds didn't grow as rapidly as they would under normal circumstances. In fact, a little test drive in the Biesbosch National Park showed that the vegetation didn't increase much since the end of March!

Although the expected warmer weather, and thus higher water temperatures on the shallows will certainly kick this process in the butt later this month, this weird combination of external factors will open the window of opportunity for a unique way of fishing.

Where normal summer guiding days exist of a lot of wasted time getting weeds off of the hooks, this will not be the case this season opening.

Chatterbaits never disappoint!

Longcast fishing

As the weedbeds won't even be halfway to the surface of the water, there will be lots of space for long cast shallow fishing. No matter if jerkbaits, softbaits or chatterbaits are used, as long as the lure is running pretty shallow (up to 50 centimeters swimming depth), you're set up for success!

The migratory patterns of the fish are not so much depending on temperature, rather than light hours. So the fact that the fish be on the shallows hasn't changed at all, but they have a lot less places to hide now. When you find weeds, you find the fish. Pike, perch, but even zander loves to hide in between the vegetation, making them a lot easier to spot right now.

Extended opening

Apart from the not-so lush vegetation this season opener, it will take a lot longer for the sun to warm up the water this summer. Especially on the flowing rivers, where the water is mixed up all the time, this will extend the great fishing we normally experience in June to July or maybe even the beginning of August!

As we all know, the predators aren't willing to bite much when the water temperatures reach a certain point, although they are still present on the spots. Now we expect them to come to the shallows more often to sunbathe for energy, only to dive off the slope at the hottest parts of the day. And the shallower they are, the easier they are to catch!

We are looking forward to one of the most memorable season openers in history, and you can still be a part of that! We have few open positions in June left, so grab your chance for the catch of a lifetime here!