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  • Thom Prüst

Livescope @UFX

Every UFX boat is equipped with a Garmin Livescope. Because we want to offer our customers the Ultimate Fishing Xperience, we believe it is necessary to also offer our customers the most modern sonar technology. And even if it's not a miracle machine that allows you to catch monster fish en masse in no time, it isn't either: I see the fish, therefore I catch the fish. It's confidence-inspiring, sometimes frustrating, always exciting, and it can be extremely rewarding. And also fishing on the livescope is just great fun.

That's why we've put together some live footage here so you can get a taste of livescope fishing when you book a UFX fishing trip.

Our first video shows the most ideal situation. We keep a soft bait close to the ground. A shadow breaks loose and hits the shad immediately. Fish on!


The second video initially shows the biggest frustration of every livescope angler. The fish almost touches the soft bait, sinks back, comes again....and then gives up. From second 13 you see on the far left that there is a fish hanging under the soft bait. For a moment it seems that the fish has disappeared, only to pop up again in second 28. Fish on!


Everything is going well in this video.... for a while. You see several fish going under both soft baits and the fish that goes under the right soft bait turns and immediately jumps at it only to fall off again very quickly.

You then see a fish passing under the middle soft bait , which cannot yet be tempted to get off the ground. But when he arrives at the leftmost soft bait, he doesn't hesitate for a second and bites hard. Unfortunately, this fish also falls off after being drilled for about 8 seconds.


The last video gives perhaps the most realistic picture. Despite the stutters during the recording, you see how many fish react, follow, turn, hang behind a soft bait, sink back, bite and miss. Remember: just keep breathing and enjoy, because this is live action at its best!


Do you want to xperience livescope fishing as well? Just book an Ultimate Fishing Xperience with one of our guides here.


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