• Juul Steyn

Hard bait opening

What a typical opening we have this year. Although we see plenty of fish on the Garmin, the softbaits are ignored more often than I think strictly necessary. You can still grab them in the morning and afternoon, but during the day it is scraping. Only when hardbaits, vibs and ratchet plugs are thrown and dragged, the rods will bend more often. And then it is mainly attacks from aggression where they are usually hooked in the front of the mouth. Lots of misses and losers too. As if they are barely hungry or focused on other bait. Today was such a day. Two of the three biggest fish today attacked the Screaming Devil several times before they got stuck, really angry behaviour. Attacks out of aggression, not out of hunger anyway. Weirrrrrd...

It didn't matter to my guests today because they caught excellent. Almost everything on hard baits. Also nice!

UFX Guide Juul Steyn