• Johan Struwe

Casting Bonanza

From the shallows, the ultimate way to catch pike

Counting down the days

With June approaching quickly now, we are looking forward to a very busy summer with lots of days on the water. And we've been longing for that after nearly two months of inactivity! The boats have had their yearly service, the reels are spooled up with new line and the tackle boxes are filled with te best new lures for the upcoming season.

Although we had the coldest spring in history here in the Netherlands, the outlook is that we'll experience yet another great, sunny summer. And as fishing guides, that means good news for us. Because being on the water fishing is a lot nicer when the sun shines. We have had enough of rain- and thermal suits for this year, and can't wait to put the shades back on, dressed only in our UFX-jerseys.

Casting, casting and more casting

Big summer perch on a chatterbait

Also the fishing itself is definitely something to look forward too! Because summer means casting; in our humble opinion the most noble way of predator fishing. Our UFX-Guides have already been out in their areas to have a look at the spots, and expectations are high for the season opening. Lots of upcoming weedbeds, clear water and schools of minnows that serve as prey for big perch, zander and pike the coming months.

The old flyfisherman's saying "match the hatch" is also appropriate for our type of fishing, since even the biggest predators really focus on small bait in this period. No wonder, with enormous amounts of hatching minnows all over the spots. An easy meal that's present in abundance now. So we make sure our lures match the hatch!

Go small or go home

When exclusively targeting the big pike, big lures are always the way to go. But why should you? Using smaller lures, you can still catch the big ones, because even the largest pike are focussing on smaller prey now. But using smaller lures also gives you the chance to come face-to-face with our famous big perch (last summer, our biggest perch was a stunning 54 centimeters!), the super fast asp, massive zander and even ide.

All these fish are a great catch on the lighter materials that we use for these smaller lures. Hard-fighting predators that will test your drag to the max, and put up a memorable fight! And all that in friendly temperatures and nice sunshine. It's a fact: We can't wait for the season to start!

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