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IJssel/ Rampspoldiep/ Ketelmeer/ Kattendiep/ Keteldiep

Fish the currents


Predatory fishing on the IJssel - an all-in Xperience

After we board the slipway “Rampspoldiep” we can choose from a gigantic area. On the way between the islands towards the IJssel you have shallows, gullies, deep holes and, once on the IJssel itself, a considerable current. In other words, you can expect everything here, plenty of structure! Of course you have a decent chance of the “new sport fish” pur-sang, the asp. There is a considerable chance that you will encounter one on the IJssel near Kampen. Zander, perch and pike are also abundantly found on this vast body of water. You can always find fish that want to prey on the always flowing IJssel, even on difficult days. In other words, this area has a lot to offer with different types of fish, water and therefore also the opportunity to try out different techniques. Add to that the fact that you are fishing in a beautiful environment and your fishing day can't go wrong.

To fish here you need a day permit (€7.50 p.p.). These are available online and our guide will coordinate this with you in advance.


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