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Predatory fishing on the border



Fishing the River Grensmaas

There is no fishing water in the Netherlands that feels as “foreign” as the Grensmaas area. The only stretch of virgin rain river in Limburg that marks the natural border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Meandering through the Limburg natural landscape, the Maas forms the adventurous and challenging backdrop for fishing for all types of predatory fish that occur in the Netherlands. There are not many rivers where the differences in water depth are so great and that makes it particularly attractive for fishing. Huge shallow, fast-flowing gravel sheets where you can fish endlessly for asp and where the catches can be called phenomenal with some regularity. Crazy lily beds to the middle of the river where the predators often hide. Deep wells up to 6 meters where you can really hit your target for zander and perch, especially in the winter months. A strong current that contributes to the fact that there are almost always active fish to be found

The river Grensmaas is known for its asp catches. Our guides know how to catch them in every season (including winter!!!). They are right at home on the water and take you to parts of the river where nobody or hardly anyone fishes. Adventure at its best! Surrounded by a set that could be from an episode of a wildlife documentary. The complete picture makes a guided day on the Grensmaas a true “Ultimate experience”. Life on and around the river is truly spectacular. From ospreys to beavers and from kingfishers to huge groups of waterfowl. You will be short of eyes during a Guide Day on the Grensmaas.
Compared to the rest of the country, this is the only stretch of water where, in addition to a very good stock of pike, zander and perch, you have a real chance of catching a real chub or even a salmon.

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