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FRIESLAND - This Xperience is no longer available

Catch pike, zander and perch - the easy way

In the North of the Netherlands lays the province of Friesland, often referred to as 'the Pike Province'. But zander is more and more claiming the lead role. Fishing here is quite different from the other destinations offered by UFX because of the modest depth of this maze of waterways. Fishing for zander and perch with soft baits is just so much easier when the water is only 2 meters deep, instead of 4 to as much as 8 meters.


Fishing in Friesland (Fryslan)

With over 38.000 acres of water, it's impossible to even cover a fraction of this immense area in one day. Friesland is one gigantic network of lakes, canals, and other waterways that seem to be designed for sportfishing. Almost all these waters are connected, and we are proud to say that our local UFX-guide knows his way in this fascinating maze like the best.


Thanks to the wide variety of water types, there is always a suitable place to fish. The large lakes like the Sneekermeer and Tjeukemeer, both around 1,5 to 2 meters deep, are all-time classic hits for both zander and pike. On hard sand plates and mussel beds, you will find shoals of perch. No 50 cm+ monsters like you can expect on the rivers, but the numbers make up for that for sure.


Adjacent canals, such as the Prinses Margriet Kanaal, are up to 6 meters deep and offer good options for zander. And, to be honest, it's safe to say that you can catch each of the three predatory fish at any given location. Frisian pike, perch, and zander like to mingle.


Cities and villages set the stage for great fishing adventures too. Waterways filled with predatory fish run through countless wonderful places, from Lemmer till Leeuwarden. Fishing here is both an adventure as well as a wonderful touristic attraction at the same time.


In Friesland, not only the numbers of pike, zander, and perch are interesting, but also the size is worth mentioning. Pikes over a meter are quite common and there is always a good chance of catching a zander over 70 and even 80 cm. Especially for those who are new to predatory fishing and yet want to catch a big fish, Friesland is the perfect place to start. At the same time the province is visited by pro-anglers every day for a good reason. Fishing here is just top of the bill.

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